Monday, July 2, 2012

Holidays are for......

:: enjoying the warm, winter sunshine
:: playing with Eamon and rocks and buckets and spoons (quite an odd mix, I agree)
:: listening to the violin and cello sounding so melodious in the background
:: trying a new idea for breakfast (and have the entire family say it was yummy)
:: squealing with delight as my bub gains confidence learning to walk
:: reading book after book after book after book
:: celebrating four family birthdays
:: shopping with my sister (and no children!)
:: partying the night away in 50's style to celebrate turning 21 (my sister, not me)
:: chatting, organizing and giggling for 5 whole days with my beautiful little sis.
:: cuddling my delightful 6 week old niece for the first time
:: getting to know an Egyptian Mummy at the local museum
:: sharing Nicholas' delight as he sees the Rosetta Stone in real life
:: listening to Holly as she tries to whistle now that she has a big, 2 tooth gap
:: dreaming of the future and what it might hold for us
:: sewing a present for a precious, newborn friend
:: finding all sorts of odd things as I sort through the top shelves of our cupboards
:: working on a new project (I'll tell you about it soon)
:: savouring a coffee with my bestest friend (otherwise know as my Mum)
:: walking down memory lane as we revisit our childhood home
:: camping out in style, with a warm fire and carpeted floor
:: packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking as we visit family and celebrate birthdays
:: watching Alexander design the 'perfect' train track
:: loving the relaxed, holiday feel
:: making lots of family memories

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