Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favourite Moment

As crazy as this may seem, my favourite moment was nothing to do with the conference. I actually had two of these moments, one on each morning I was there.

It seemed rather silly to be setting an alarm in those early morning hours when I crawled into my bed, after some rather fun, and rather late, chats and giggles with my Mum and friends. But the interesting thing was, at 6:00 the next morning both my and my Mum's (who I shared a room with) alarms went off in unison, with the exact ring tone and all! How crazy is that!!!

A sideways glance at each other and some kind of mumble about beach and sunrise was all it took. We both jumped out of bed (reluctantly crawled may be further to the truth) and pulled on our running shoes. Without a second thought I bundled up my sleeping baby, quickly wrapped a quilt around him and hurried toward the sound of waves. The sound of the ocean had been calling me since we arrived the evening before and a sunrise was beconning even louder.

We found our way to the beach (quite amazing as neither of us are gifted in navigation skills and we got totally lost finding our way to the restaurant the evening before). The light was just beginning to show itself and the new moon shining down as if to welcome us to the weekend.

Then. . . . it was spectacular. The sun rose over the water with deserving magnificance. It even rendered my 13 month old, busy boy, silent and still (and that's really saying something!).

The rising sun is a sight I'll never tire of. I left that beach filled with renewed energy, excitement, refreshment and inspiration.

A small sacrifice of sleep seemed so insignificance in the beauty of the morning.

The next morning I had my family staying with me, so it was with trepidation that I ignored all that well-meaning advice to 'never wake a sleeping child'. I woke all four children and my husband and bundled them all down that sandy track in the semi-darkness, some still adorned in pj's and other wrapped in a mottley assortment of patchwork quilts to shield against the cold.

But oh. . . . it was worth it. What an honour to share such a moment of glorious beauty with my precious family. The conference my have been fantastic, but the moment that took my breath away was 6:34am on the beach.

A small amount of effort to experience more than beauty, it was magnificance.


  1. LOVE your photos capturing the magnificence Corinna! So beautiful. Such a relief when the effort has been worthwhile. Just when we wonder if we're crazy - like bundling everyone up and out into the chilly morning...holding our breath and asking "is it worth it?" ... God goes "Ta Da!!!"

  2. I love the photos of the sunrise Corinna! So nice to meet you at the conference and I look forward to catching up with you!
    :) Martine

  3. Love those sunrise pics. God's handiwork is breathtaking.