Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mum Heart Conference 2012

I told you have fantastic it was going to be here.
I mentioned how amazingly, awesome it was here.
And I'm still floating through my days with an extra lilt to my step as I reflect on the privilege of being a part of this event.

In Summary:

The People:

Fun and friendly. There was over a hundred of these beautiful ladies to get to know over the two days.
(Walking back to my room late in the evening, after all was finished and the next day prepared for, I heard bursts of giggles floating under several doors along the way. So I'm assuming it wasn't only me and my friends who spent those late hours pretending we were teens again and giggling the night away.)

The Team:

What a delightful looking bunch of ladies (I'm sure you agree.) They all had their roles to play and did it with grace and excellence. Without these ladies and all their efforts, this conference wouldn't have been such a success, I feel it's rather a privilege to be in this photo with them. You are an amazing group of ladies.

The Speakers:

Three different ladies all very different in style, topic and experience. But somehow it was as if they had been orchestrated together as one - just the right mix of everything.
I was challenged by Barb as she shared from her heart about making our home just that - a home, and making our marriage just that - a marriage.
I was brought to tears and humbled by Ann as she shared her deeply personal story of overcoming Cancer.
I was inspired by Belinda as she shared from her personal experience as a Mum. She inspired me to live my life fuller, grab my dreams and hold them close, write down our family stories, live intentionally in every area of our family life.

The Location:

Just PERFECT!!!!

The Extras:

All accounted for.

My Favourite Moment:

I'll tell you about tomorrow . . . . .

A weekend like this is all about sharing with friends and here are some of my blogging friends thoughts on the conference:

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ps. If you were at Mum Heart and I've missed your blog, please leave a comment.

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