Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've Been Sewing Winter Jackets

That's right - my sewing machine has been purring away ever so nicely recently. I've enjoyed a few moments here and there to create some winter warmth and Mummy/Auntie love.
The days around here have become slightly cooler and the mornings have a definite chill to the air. It's rather early in the morning when we all bundle into the car en-rout to music or tennis lessons and I've discovered this super busy, crawling bub's wardrobe selection was lacking anything warm enough.
Well that's a good enough excuse for me anyway, as I begin rumbling through my fabric stash and drooling over the gorgeousness found in this pattern.

It takes a bit of creativity getting any photo of this boy at the moment, let alone a decent photo, and a 'picturebook' photo - not happening here while he is so busy. Sitting still is not his favourite pastime!
After one boy is perfectly, snugly, warmly rugged up in his jacket, I start to think that maybe his little cousin, just a few weeks younger than him, could well do with one of these as well. And really wouldn't it be nice to play with some pink for a while as well.

Thus, Jacket number two was created.

Then. . . . well . . . the pattern comes down for really little bubs. . . . And I was about to become an Auntie of another little girl. . . . And she will be living in a rather colder climate than we do. . . . And well I was sort of enjoying playing with pink. . . . so I decided that another, much smaller, jacket was definitely needed.

Oh, it's nice to begin this cool season with a practical jacket, just perfect for the busy adventures ahead.

Sewing Notes:
Pattern - Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings Jacket

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