Monday, June 18, 2012

It's my day off.

Monday has rolled around once again, as it does each week, and I'm buzzing on a 'high' while collapsing in a heap at the very same time. This past weekend was the Mum Heart Conference, at which I had to privilege of being MC. The conference was absolutely fantastic. It surpassed expectations all round and I'll tell you more about that in the days to come, when I have some photos ready.

The conference may have been such a wonderful experience and I have come home so fulfilled, but . . . . it's a lot of hard work organizing and being MC. Giving out all weekend, being on hand for questions, missing meal times (and sleep because I was giggling with friends!) and having a big responsibility has left me a little shattered. After losing my voice last week I managed to keep talking all weekend but today there isn't much left in my vocal chords.

With a determination to keep the buzz of the last 2 days alive somehow, I determined to mange this Monday a little different to normal.

It was intentional to let today come and go in a fairly relaxed manner. One of those days when I needed a RDO (Rostered Day Off) myself to catch up. Being a Mum and homeschooling my children those RDO's are pretty hard to orchestrate! So I determined to get the morning routine / structure in place then after music practices and a small amount of structured school I would throw in some TV time. I'm fine with that - days like this I need to utilize whatever resources I have at my disposal. ABC iview came to my rescue and Mister Maker is a particular favourite in our household.

The temptation was there to race around and get everything done - you know hang the washing, put on the evening meal, vacuum the floor etc. But this time was my RDO and maybe I could stretch it to an hour if not a whole day! So a steaming mug of coffee in hand and a little chocolate thrown in for good measure led me to find a chair and warm sunlight streaming in the window. I did nothing for at least 10 minutes, and oh that felt good. I rested, relaxed and reflected on the past two days - my role, my dream, my friends, my experience.

And . . . in this time I discovered something even more enlightening . . . . . sometimes homeschooling happens 'better' when the 'teacher' gets out of the way! My two big ones finished watching Mister Maker and disappeared outside to get creative, with amazing results. There have been dolls created, Easter stories acted out, shops/libraries made, doll clothes sewn, dance styles compared, music analyzed, books read and discussed afterwards by the two of them, and so much more. All this because I let them watch a short television program and simply decided to take an hour off.

Being a homeschool Mum is a fulfilling role and for me it is quite literally 'living my dream'. I absolutely love planning and 'teaching' and all that goes along with homeschooling but even more than that I delight in seeing my children learn. Today I realized they are discovering something hugely important - how to learn themselves.

So for me today, it was just right to give the teacher her RDO.

PS. I'll tell you all about the conference very soon - I promise.


  1. You were amazing at the conference. Thank you so much for everything that you did. I had a lovely time and feel so refreshed and inspired.
    And Jack loves Mister Maker too. :)

  2. How exciting to find that you blog too. I'll be a regular reader!! We too had a day off - we arrived home 11.30ish and crashed in front of a movie. Then some more dvd's that Josh and Jess watch together. Jess actually got sick on the plane home so that was my excuse for so much screen time!! Today (Tuesday) has been pretty slow but we've done the things that need doing - and I had one of those "Oh, now I get it" moments from Daniel with his math today so that was pretty exciting!

    Yes, you did do a great job as MC - I felt there was a really good balance between a relational atmosphere and yet you kept things moving on track.

  3. Beautiful Corinna :) Loved reading your post this evening! You did do an amazing job over the weekend and I felt so honoured to enjoy the weekend with you and so many beautiful women :) My kiddos watched Mr Maker today too - actually the remains of their fun are still on our school room mat - whoops - no tidy up time this arvo - had too much fun cooking dinner with them instead :) Love reading your blog and being encouraged and inspired by your sharing. Love you to bits! :) xxx