Monday, May 28, 2012

Creating Memories

When the weekend is filled to the brim and spent with the most important people in my life, I realise that life's memories are made of:

:: Fresh croissants savoured after a chilly, early morning trip to the fruit/veg markets.
:: Unplanned 4WD adventures up a very steep, very muddy, VERY slippery track.
:: Further unplanned adventures as we encroach upon the home of a snake.
:: Stunning natural beauty appreciated as eight kookaburras and a magpie try to share our picnic lunch.
:: Long heartfelt discussions as we traverse the miles in the car.
:: Big decisions tossed to and fro as the pros and cons are weighed out.
:: Beautiful autumnal colours appreciated in the coolness of a mountain top.
:: Lazy Sunday breakfasts cooked by our son.
:: Cousin giggles as they play in the sunshine, waves and sand.
:: Time to sit and chat with family not often seen.
:: Lingering picnic cuppas as we try to extend the beauty of the day spent together.
:: Surprise picnic dinner by the river watching the stunning sunset over the city skyline.
:: Filling the lounge with cushions and blankets then snuggling together to watch a family favourite.

It's a pleasure relishing in the memories of a weekend spent almost exclusively outdoors with picnics being the theme. As the washing machine continues to hum it's tune and more meals are created again today, I am reminded that all this effort is worth it.

The memories we make as a family will last forever and it's days like those just past which are creating our family heritage with it's traditions and values instilled.

With that big picture in mind, it makes the extra load of washing and effort seem minimal and insignificant.

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