Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When the everyday seems . . .

. . . . very 'ordinary'.

The ups mingle with the downs. A lilting jazz tune buried beneath the noise created by children at play. A gorgeous bubby smile drawn out after an hour of grizzles. The bliss of a warm chai tea, in my favourite tea cup, discovered still sitting on the bench after time has taken all the warmth away. The rumble and rustle of lego's tainted by the school books still open on the table. A bub struggling with the disruptions of life's predictable routine, inevitable with three older siblings, adding to the longing of space and sleep.

I'm feeling like it's been a very 'ordinary' day today. In fact about as 'ordinary' as they come, in my opinion anyway.

Day's like this and motivation is hard to drag up. Inspiration is coloured in grey.

Fresh air seems to be the perfect prescription for all involved. Together we step out. Not really sure where, the fences seem to be closing in even closer. Green seems hard to find and colour non-existant.

We step out further and a challenge is issued. Not really sure why or what to expect but. . . . the moment is seems desperate.

"Who can find something beautiful."

Beautiful. That's a word I understand. A dream I long for. A challenge I issue myself daily. I search for beauty in my everydays.

"What kind of beautiful?" she asks.

"Sweet one, any kind of beautiful is perfect for today," comes the exhausted reply.
We searched but only found the toys which needed putting away, grass which was getting a bit long, the wet, boggy, messy sandpit which is usually our oasis.

Grizzles are gradually being replaces by smiles. But the beauty is still a treasure, as yet unclaimed.

'Keep searching', I chide myself. 'Surely something has got to be beautiful in this day today.'

While the 'ordinary' continues, I admire the clear, brilliant, blue sky. Freshness, a gift from the rainy days past. I close my eyes and desperately try to block out the 'ordinary' noises which surround and hear. . . . maybe the delight of silence. I work at feeling refreshed by the breeze. It's small, baby steps, I know. Surely, somewhere there is inspiration to savour and strength to hold for the afternoon ahead.

I find it. Small and unassuming. Not bold and gaudy but blending into the background. There in full view when searched for but nearly missed by us. Just like most 'everyday' kind of days. The beauty is always there, somedays it just takes a bit more searching.

A weed, some would call it. A beautiful-flower-for-Mummy discovered by my little one.

I had to search hard today. I knew it was hiding somewhere and I mustered the strength to search. A glorious weed is my beauty today.

Fresh air was just as the Mummy-doctor ordered.

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