Friday, May 4, 2012

Mum Heart Conference

The days are going by, ever so quickly. I realise now, it was some time ago that an idea was hatched, researched, tended and grown, by a very sweet friend of mine. Well, to be honest she is really a friend of my Mum's who I claim as my friend as well (I do love sharing friends, don't you?). This lady has gathered around her a wonderful team who have been meeting quite often now, over cups of tea and goodies to eat (maybe that's why the meetings are scheduled so often. . . . just a thought). And the result is almost upon us.

Mum Heart Conference

A dream - turning into reality.

It's true it really can happen.

Mum's celebrating being Mum's.

Inspiration from beautiful people.

Maybe even a cup of coffee - savoured while still hot.

A location near the beach (thinking early morning walks. . . . maybe).

Encouragement to hold close in the days to come.

Friends sharing a unique journey together.

Maybe even some new friends discovered.

Lots of laughter, fun and joy.

Time to Rest, Refresh and Relax.

Yeah, it's sounding good to me..

It's a Homeshool Mum's RETREAT. In Australia. On the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. WOW!!

Do join us, please. I'd love to meet you.


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