Friday, April 13, 2012

Sewing for Boys

It may happen in pockets of moments thrown in here, there and everywhere - late in the dark hours or in those precious 'sleep' moments of childhood. It happens rather randomly and in spits and spurts. But happen it does, and I enjoy the entire process. . . .

. . . . sewing for my boys, that is.

It usually begins with a picture I've seen and stuck into my scrapbook, or maybe a wild idea which just pops into my head one day for no apparent reason, or maybe it's the fabric which just shouts out loud, as is the case with this creation.


When I sew, it is rarely just to run-up a simple outfit, although many times that's what the original idea may be. But leave me alone with fabric, thread and machine and the minutes dwindle into the never-never and late hours turn, ever so quickly, into very early morning hours, and I'm simply absorbed by the process of creating.

I enjoy trying something different. Things which just wouldn't be found on a typical store-bought outfit. Details and trims. Sometimes they work and sometimes, well, there is a reason they aren't on other clothes I suppose . . . . 

This fabric just sort of lept off the rack at me one day while browsing a fabric shop. Supposedly looking for a specific project but . . . . well. . .  . the absolute cheekiness of these animals and the gorgeous colour . . . . . well . . . . it just screamed at me.

My 'cheeky - monkey' was still boyish enough to pull off this material, I figured. And I thought a few tailored touches and stylish grey trim would make it  just a bit funky, just a bit boyish, just a bit gorgeously, cheekishly, cute and just a bit like my boy.

Amid concerns of it appearing like he forgot to get dressed and wore pj's all day long, I continued with the tailored touches and in my opinion. . . . . .

  . . . . . it suits my cheeky-monkey just perfectly.

Details for those who are interested:
Shirt Fabric: Bundle of Jungle by Laura Berringer
Shorts Fabric: Gabardine from Lincraft
Pattern comes from: Ottobre design Summer 3 / 2009.
Shorts: 23. Bert bermudas (I also made a pair of the shorts which are perfect for our hot summer)
Shirt: 21. Little Fella shirt
Applique: Motif - cut from shirt fabric. Attached with visofix before free motion machine stitching all around the edges a couple times.

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