Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's a Beautiful Morning

One eye slowly eased it's way open, very quickly followed by the second. The moments ticked by, each seeming longer than the last, until the world itself seemed to pause, waiting in anticipation. A soft whisper of air wafted in the half opened window, bringing the freshness of a new morning. Light was creeping through any tiny crevice between the blinds, reaching out to welcome me as a long lost friend. Finally, I dared to believe what was happening, so rare an occasion this was.

Silence filled the house, sweet bird songs bringing the morning welcome inside. The leaves rustling ever so gently outside the window, providing a harmony for the natural symphony which surrounds. Feelings welling up from deep within, consuming me with delight, joy and contentment. The occasion, seemingly such a simple delight, but I know moments so fleeting are meant to be captured, savoured and stored in the nearness of my memory.

Every day brings new tugs on my time. My brain begins and ends most days in overload while constant crowding of my mental and physical space fills the in-between. A day can come and go with nothing more than an "I made it through" sigh left in it's wake. This season of life is busy, joyously busy, but busy all the same. I pledge daily to remember, notice, appreciate, love and laugh.
When darkness creeps in and little ones tucked in tight, the time has past to savour the beauty of the sunshine, the freshness of the day, the infectious laughter filling the rooms. Sweet moments often hidden between laundry, cooking and the mundane. When I look, they are reaching out at me from every direction, waiting to be noticed so they can shine and bring even more sweet moments with them to fill my days.

This day began with such a moment of beauty - silence. No noise, person or electronic device abruptly ended my slumber on this spectacular morning. No hustle and bustle which greets me on a normal day, I woke to silence and savoured it sweet.

What moment of beauty is waiting to be captured by you today?
Leave a comment to share it with us all.


  1. THis is a lovely post~ your words made me feel like I was there with you! I'm thankful for the beauty that's around me too, amidst the chaos of getting my wild children ready for the day~ He has made all things beautiful! ;) (Over from 'write it, girl')

  2. Silence can be a truly beautiful sound. It's something we so rarely experience in this crazy busy world.

    When I look for beauty I usually find it. My moment of beauty today was my elderly neighbor inviting me in to see a faded photograph of her when she was seven and telling me about how she used to toe dance. It was a very sweet moment!

    Christy (visiting from Write it, Girl)
    accewillard.blogspot.com (A Heartening Life)

  3. Love this!

    Found your blog from the WRITE IT GIRL link up!