Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favourite Things

Favourite things is my way noticing the little moments in between the hussle and bussle of life. Those beautiful, little moments which I want to hold in my memory.

Moments Like:

My Corner - It's been a long awaited dream to have a comfy chair somewhere in a cosy corner of our home. It's just for me, "Mummy's Corner" it's been christened. Oh, how I'm enjoying it. Beauty, books, coffee, candles, flowers and me - it's a good mix!

School folders all decorated and organized. It's such a simple little thing but it fills me with joy when I look at the lovely way these folders are decorated and knowing that inside them is an organizer's dream (rather than a heap of papers thrown in some unordered fashion!).

Breakfast by the water. It's a beautiful little cafe we discovered 4 years ago and somehow took us that long to experience the delight in this quirky, atmospheric, beautiful place.

Swimming, paddling and picnicing on a beautiful Queensland summer's day. Life's good!

It's been a big day for one of us. Such contentment as he sleeps in the midst of the picnic happening all around him. Bliss.

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  1. Love your mummy's corner. I'm hoping to carve one out for me after we move. I envy how a baby can snooze away a midst the goings on, and it's acceptable lol. The folders look cute, too. :)