Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mum's Retreat

The weekend loomed large. Two entire days dedicated to being 'ladies'. Ahhhhh........ Breathe now ....... Yes, two whole days of Mum's and little bub's only.

One by one we trundled down the highway en-route to the oft talked about 'beach house'. By lunch time Saturday the number had swelled to 12 Mum's and 2 bub's.

The agenda included a lot of ....... ummm ....... well that page had been left blank.

So the days became an ebb and flow of conversations, swims, sunshine, rain, tea, champagne, delicious food, chatting, hugs, bubs, and really, whatever tickled our fancy at the time.

A group of friends, sharing this road of homeschooling together. All of us qualified to lend an ear and give some encouragement. A couple of extra special guests shared much as their road is well-trodden with experience. My Mum and beautiful friend blessed us all with their words and love.

It was simply a delightful way to ease into the year ahead. A time to regroup, refresh and remember, before the school year starts again.  


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Tea and champagne! And lovely company!

  2. It was a wonderful weekend. So refreshing and encouraging. :)