Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Handmade Presents

It's always a busy time, the lead up to Christmas. Those months and weeks beforehand when gift ideas are brewing and fingers are busy creating. It's full of excitement and anticipation and lots of secrets. For this reason, these photos haven't been shown until now, when the new year reminds us that secrets are no longer and special people have become the recipients of our creative endeavors.

This past year my arms have been extra full with my newest little man and stitching time has seemed to come only in very fleeting moments scattered across days or even weeks (and many of those moments in the quiet, dark hours). It almost took me by surprise as I watched the presents being unwrapped at Christmas and I noticed just how many of them I had actually made. It is such a pleasure to create something with love for the special people in our lives.

Have a sneak peak at what was in some of the parcels under our tree this year.

Pencil cases for the cousins.

This one embroidered and sewn by Holly herself.
This one seemed to continue to find it's way into my sewing area after it was made. It had a multitude of uses just waiting for it, I was sure. But, with some reluctance, it was wrapped and given to it's intended recipient, whom I know will love it as much as me!

Pretty and bright for a beautiful, special girl.

Last year I made many of these personalized bags. This year they were created for the newest additions to our families (and one 'big' person who wished she was still little when they were unwrapped last year!).
Just a few of the many, many personalized bibs I made for the new additions.

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