Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gifts of Love

It was a short, scrawled note which popped out of the parcel that day. The small gift which accompanied it wafted a scent of love, kindness, and caring about me, drying my tears.

The news had been my 'worst-case-scenario'. With the gift of hindsight, it wasn't all that big in the whole scheme of life. But to me, that day, it seemed my entire life had came crashing down around me. It ushered in feelings which surprised me in their ability to engulf and overwhelm me. My certainty had become uncertainty, effort, sacrifice and discomfort. 

With tears flowing freely the parcel was opened.

How did she know?

This day, of all days, I needed some love. A hug. A friend. A scrawled note and small gift. It meant so much more than she could have imagined when she popped it in the post a couple days earlier. 

The phone call was answered with the last ounce of energy to be mustered together. The months had been long. Seemingly so lonely. Harder than was prepared for. Stuck in the middle of a such a short season, which seemed forever.

A smile, returned by the caring words. A heart much lighter by the kindness of another.

How did she know?

She, older than I, but never forgetting the need for encouragement, love and kindness. An angel in disguise, I thought that day. She phoned because she cared, because I had popped into her mind that morning, because she had a home which was once full with little feet but now almost empty. She remembered. And she phoned. And she arrived the next day with some food for my family. Delicious meals, all the trimmings and even a whole stack of scrumptious muffins. Then, to my delight, she arranged another dear lady to arrive with more food later that same week. 

Oh, how much that simple gift meant to me.  

Seemingly insignificant events in the course of a busy, family-filled year. But two gifts which will forever be remembered as significant, as I reflect on 2011. Two people reached out and loved. They gave when it was unexpected. The timing was God inspired. Two people who thought, cared and gave me love, encouragement, and hope when I needed it the most.

'I don't have to do more, just do that which is brought to my heart. That which is God inspired, it means more that way.' This said by one of these dears ladies who so touched my life last year.

Such words thought about often since. Words which have given me great encouragement. I know even I, in the extreme busyness of family life, can give encouragement, inspiration, love and life to those who need it most. I don't have to do lots and lots and lots, just that which is God inspired. I simply need to act on that little thought, that little nudge I feel to send a note and make a phone call. Simple. Oh so simple. But oh so life changing. 

 Today, I was once again overwhelmed by a gift given out of a heart full of love. My big boy knew my morning had been hard. He knew I was struggling. He felt the heart nudge and he acted on it. Gathering his brother, they concocted the most delightful treat. Decorated with thoughts of me. Prepared with love and given with a smile.

Oh, in an instant I knew I was the most special, most loved Mum in the whole-wide world.

It didn't take a lot, just acting on a heart nudge. But it made the difference in my day today.

Although I'm supposed to be the 'wise-old-owl' around here, it was my boy who taught me a lesson today. A lesson I will hold close as the year unfolds. A lesson I will never forget.

Simple. Oh yes.
Meaningful, Oh yes.
I don't have to fill my days ever fuller to make a difference in someone's life - I just need to:

Act on heart nudges.

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  1. Yesterday I had a friend do the same, act on a heart nudge. My friend opened her home to me and shared her precious rare quiet time with me, just when I needed it.