Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breathe Deep

The melancholy strains of the Irish flute whispered from the radio, mirroring the quietness of the moment. I sat and watched, listened and felt. No purpose, no to-do list, no need to rush - just a chance to stop.

My hair gently swirled by the soft breeze, a welcome coolness on this hot, muggy day. The salt air bringing refreshment as I breathed it in. Dark clouds still surround but the wet has paused, allowing these few moments of fresheness.

One by one the lights flicker on, reminding me the evening is fast approaching, but still I sit. I breathe ever deeper, the air like water on parched lips.

In these few moments, unexpectedly given to me by my gracious husband, I drink deep. With great effort I still my mind, bringing it back as it continues it's journeys to the jobs and people left at home. I look and see a grey beauty, a stillness on the water, a freshness in the air and a refreshing for the soul.

Dusk creeps ever closer, faster now and I know my time has been well spent. I have nothing ticked off the ever-expanding list. I have no new revelations or even any words on the paper. What I return home with is far greater - I have taken a few moments and breathed deep.

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