Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spiced Christmas Cookies

It's not cold here, but even in the sweltering humidity there is a certain comfort which comes from cinnamon and spice. The smell pervades every corner of the house as they are mixed, rolled and baked. It's a family affair this. Children helping with every stage and mess which seems to spread further than the hands can reach. Christmas music playing in the background with giggles and conversations to punctuate the quiet, concentrated effort.

It's a much anticipated Christmas tradition - making Spiced Christmas Cookies. This year a little later than others but the enjoyment was still evident. Other years they have been single biscuits in shapes of trees and stars but this year our creativity was taken to a whole new level with multi-sized flower cookie cutters. Our cookies just screamed to be made into little trees, decorated with white, chocolate fudge and bright coloured icing.

An hour spent together. Fingers which were too little to help last year, now very capably working at their task.

The end result was some gifts for special people. A few fingers licked here and there (I'm just guessing this as no one will admit it of course!). A happy Mummy, some happy Kiddos and a memory made together.

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  1. They are soooo pretty! Good work kids!!!!!
    We just ate our Gingerbread house today for morning were a weeee little bit high afterwards.