Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade Christmas Decorations

It's been a secretly harboured desire of mine for many years now. One of those 'one-day' wishes. Something which I would love but really never though it would be possible in this season of my life.

It all began several years ago, about this time of year, when I was flicking through a magazine. The image which met my eyes has been burned on the screen my mind ever since. Oh, how I wanted that picture to have been taken in my lounge room, not just a far off dream in a magazine. But every year since, no such picture has been forthcoming - primarily because the subject matter has not been available.

There are a few things in life which make my heart skip a beat, one of these is handmade lace. I began making handmade, bobbin lace while living in England several years back and my lace making supplies have seen daylight only occasionally since. Bobbin lace and young children is a hazardous mix, in my opinion. A mix which I haven't been brave enough to hazard very often. But the love of the craft remains and one hour spent twirling those bobbins so easily grows to five.

The image, which so captivated me those years back, was nothing less than a Christmas tree decorated with golden, handmade, lace ornaments. Oh, the beauty and joy. Just imagine having that tree in my home (well it's the decorations I am envious of, not the tree). What a delighful mix of an ancient, and almost forgotton, craft and a modern home, decorated beautifully. Every year since then, I have known that this dream would yet again be just that, a dream.

This year though, that dream is (almost) a reality. It was November last year, when when I made a purchase which unexpectedly included a monthly, machine embroidery design delivered to my inbox. Imagine my delight when I discovered that each and every month, all year, I have been receiving a machine embroidery design for . . . . wait for it. . . . nothing less than. . . . machine-stitched, golden, lace ornaments. I have been oogling these designs all year and dreaming of them being mine but until now hadn't actually done anything about making them real. I have put this to rights now and my table is decorated with . . . .well just have a look. . . .isn't it just beautiful!!

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  1. Such beautiful decorations - wow and handmade! They look lovely! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and new year! :) Martine