Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread House Making

There were 10 of us around the table that night. Another table was added as we spread further and more elbow room was needed. Conversations were regularly punctuated with rumbustious laughter. The atmosphere was one of love, fun and delightful friendship. How blessed I felt to open my home to such a group of women. Women who arrived in various states of health and fragility of mind and emotions. Women who arrived and were instantly swallowed by the loving concern and fun laughter which was ever present all evening.
Children in bedrooms down the hall were trying ever so hard to be 'good' and sleep but every so often a little head would be spotted peeking round the corner. After all, these Mummies were making a lot of noise and curiosity just got the better of them at times.

As the evening progressed every tiny particle of bench or table was covered with our supplies (oh and the obligatory tea/coffee/desert/chocolate/fruit treats). The floor became less and less recognizable and even the chairs were showing telltale signs of our endeavors. In fact still today, 5 days later, I'm finding remnants of it hidden in small corners, on the bottom of chairs and in my kitchen drawers.

Oh, but what a fun evening it was. 10 of the most gorgeous women in the world (in my biased opinion anyway), more laughs than I have experienced in quite a long while and colour aplenty. It was a first for many of us but all have firmly decided it will not be the last. Some worked away with quiet concentration, while others just had to laugh - or else they would cry! Others were called over to lend a helping hand and our most experienced one was busily monitoring the activities of all.

The outcome was some beautiful friendships cemented yet further, some stresses floated away and a healthly tiredness for all. The unveiling at the end showed what we all suspected: our creations were nothing short of masterpieces - each made with laughter and love.


  1. Beautiful Corinna :) beautifully written. Such words of truth :). In the noticing, in the apreciating, in the delighting :). It was a night to remember and one I too thank God for the amazing women in my world. Thank you for opening you home to us (and for cleaning the never ending mess of stuck-hard icing :). Love you! Xx

  2. Do you know I've never made a gingerbread house? But, I just bought one to make with my girls this Christmas morning.

    Love this post on friendship. Looks like we both have relationships on our minds.