Friday, December 2, 2011

Remember. . .

The days come and go. Routines, rituals and chores are mixed with once-yearly activities. The mix of the commonplace, normal and everyday combined with the delightful yearly traditions form days and weeks which are full and overflowing. The days float by and become a memory almost as soon as they begin. The weeks creep ever faster towards the new year which is lurking on the horizon. The months are almost all ticked off the calender for this year, just one last month to enjoy and make part of the memories which become our lives. The whirlwind of breakups, Christmas parties and end of year activities is right there just waiting to swallow me up. It seems that just one step will have me falling right into the centre, into an abyss over which I have no control. Just one moment, in which I let down my guard and I will be gone, lost and fighting to come up for air.

My mind is whirling, trying desperately to hold onto each day's activities.  Trying to keep everything orderly and organized and civilized. Oh, how I wish I could stop. Totally stop, just for a moment or two or maybe three. Give up trying and for one day float as a feather in the wind. Allowing the days to come and go, flowing here and there and enjoying the stillness within.

I sit here wondering why I feel so tight and overwhelmed and I remember. I remember that I really don't have to be everything. I don't have to do absolutely everything.

The candles are flickering, it's a simple way to light the room, reminiscent of times of long ago. A simpler time. A time when taking the time to sit, reflect and remember was a part of the daily routine.

It's a reminder of the baby who was born in a simple way all those years ago. This baby, who would change the course of history, came to earth without any fanfare.

He came and brought the peace and stillness within my spirit. It is a reminder to stop all the hussle and busstle and be still and remember.

Remember the days. . . . the time. . . . the reason. . . .

Stop and give the time to being me.
Stop and give the time to living with joy.
Stop and give the time to seeing through grateful eyes.
Stop and give the time to loving the people in my life.
Stop and give the time to remember. . . .

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