Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Birthday Party.

"Is this the party food for Jesus?"

It stopped me in my tracks, these seven words spoken across the bench laden with spice cookies and icing. How do I answer such a thought provoking utterence?

"It's His birthday isn't it. Why don't we make him a cake?"

A small child seemily able to see more clearly through the tinsel and baubles than I am able to.
Well.... ummm.... exactly...... why not?

"There are lot's of Christmas songs, but none say 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus."

It's knickname is the 'silly-season'. The expectation thrown at us, from the marketing gurus at least, seems to encourage us to eat far too much sweet junk, feel over full, spend way too much money on unneccesary stuff and spend all year paying off the credit cards. Why?

It seems that the guest of honour can be lost in the pile of wrapping paper. It is HIS birthday after all.

The cookies continued to gain their colourful iced topping as Away in a Manger played in the background. It really is a birthday we are celebrating. A birth day which seems so remote from our current culture. A birth of a 'normal' baby boy. The reality of a birth which sometimes gets clouded by the images of sheep, cows and wise men.  A baby who grew into a small child, he probably played with the children of the village just like any other child. Probably came running to his Mummy for comfort after a fall resulted in a skinned knee. He was sent to earth as a 'man'. A baby born so long ago. A child who played and grew and learned. A young man finding his place in the family and world around him. A man whose life continues to profoundly touch our hearts a couple thousand years later.

Is this who Christmas is all about in my heart and family this year? Are all my plans and preperations and cooking and gift buying and meals and celebrations for the purpose of celebrating the life of Jesus?

Enjoy a blessed Christmas today, as we celebrate this Birthday.

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