Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calming the Conflict Within

It’s the time of year for intense, but delightful, sensory overload, Christmas. It reaches us through musical notes floating through the air, smells of baking wafting through an open kitchen window offering a welcome to those still outside and all around us we find our eyes resting upon sparkling lights, glowing candles and shining decorations. Those decorations are a symbol of the time of year. They indicate that it’s time to browse the shops with the intent of buying presents and the time has come, once again, to partake in the parties and breakups which fill our calendars. Those decorations are such a strong reminder that the weeks are creeping ever closer to the new year waiting on the horizon.

I flick open a catalogue and see ‘the’ Christmas tree and decorations I MUST have. In the fresh, new colours of the season it appears to be the image of perfection. I go into a store and see ‘the’ perfect table decorations that I NEED to match my décor. I go to my friends place and notice she has made some gorgeous decorations with her children, so VERY beautiful. Everywhere I look around me finds my mind filled with awe and wonderment. It is as though all this perfection and beauty I feel surrounded by, is feeding my desire for order, beauty, traditions, memories and love. I feel the need to have it all perfect, be the perfect hostess and give the best gifts. But at the same time, I find myself retreating away from all this perfection.

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I'm sharing in the 8 Days to a Christ-Centered Christmas series over at The Feminine Intellect today.

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  1. Corinna,
    I appreciate your beautiful and calming words. I wholeheartedly agree. I pray your Christmas is full of Him!