Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Every morning, whether I feel ready or not, light begins to flood the rooms of our home. Little eyes begin to open and with abounding energy those little people jump up ready for whatever adventures the day ahead may hold. Today, though, was one of the days when I really didn't feel ready for the morning to arrive. As I was contemplating the fact that morning was upon me in all it's glory, I heard one set of little feet running up the hallway and felt a little person snuggle in next to me and I knew that, ready-or-not, the day had begun. I still felt the need for at least another 10 hours sleep and although I could hear some family members were full of happy, cheerful, high energy levels, unfortunately I wasn't one of those people.

I simply took one step after the other and in a non-thinking state began the routine morning tasks. On my way to the kitchen I stopped by the computer for 5 minutes to hopefully find some encouragement and inspiration for my day ahead. I logged onto Sally's blog and wafted in her contagious joy and decided then and there that my day was going to be fantastic. Somehow, I just wasn't sure how, but I knew I could turn it into a fantastic day one way or another. So I planted a smile on my face, formed some loving, encouraging words in my mind and greeted my family.

Now I am very encouraged as I reflect on the day which has just passed.

Today I:
Read many stories to my little ones.
Discussed all sorts of topics which floated into our minds.
Listened to the sounds of birds chirping in the distance.
Discovered a green grasshopper with my son.
Savoured a steaming hot cup of coffee or maybe it was more than just one. . .
Sang a bedtime lullaby to my butterfly.
Wondered at the beauty found in a single leaf.
Delighted in the joy found by children playing for hours in a sandpit.
Smiled at the fact that I get to live my life.
Dreamed those soul enlarging dreams.
Loved the entire day through.

Beauty and Joy filled my day today.

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