Thursday, November 24, 2011


Right now I could hear a pin drop, if it dropped that is. I can hear every droplet of rain that floats down and lands gracefully on our roof. If I still myself even further, I hear some birds chirping in the distance and the gentle, repetitive tick of our clock as it keeps me company on our journey through the day.

It is a rare moment when I get this feeling, absolute solitude. Today solitude has reached out and beckoned to me with open arms. I haven't sought it out but I am ever so thankful it found it's way into my home on this day. Oh, I do enjoy hearing my own thoughts sometimes. There is a certain sense of accomplishment when an idea can take root in my mind and sit there growing and changing as I dwell upon it for more than 5 seconds. It's moments like this that I often feel I should be doing things and getting so much done. I could accomplish much in this time of quietness but instead, today I've taken the opportunity to rediscover a long hidden part of myself. Like opening up a box within my life which is covered in dust and hasn't seen any light for far too long. And I have enjoyed the journey immensely.

Day's drift past all too quickly sometimes (and all too slowly at other times!) and before my head hits the pillow I try to reflect on the day just past. As my eyes are begging to close and my body finally succumbing to relaxation as it melts into the soft mattress below, I bring into my mind's eye things I'm grateful for in the day just past. More often than not, these reflections are 'one-liners'. Just a fleeting thought which is very quickly pushed aside as slumber gains control. Today though, I have had more time than expected to allow my mind to dwell on those things to which I give my gratitude . Even mundane tasks such as folding the washing have become moments of meditative beauty.

So I give my heartfelt thanks to solitude for greeting me mid-morning and remaining my companion till mid-afternoon. I have enjoyed our walk together today.

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