Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Making a Terrarium

A glass cookie jar with a smiley face moulded into the glass was given to us by a neighbour some time back. It really was a cute jar and seemed a good size for . . . something. . . . . Several uses have been suggested but despite all the ideas it's home remained on the kitchen windowsill - empty and gathering dust. 

It was while on holiday, in one of those quiet moments browsing through the pile of books I'd added to my bag, that the glass jar found a use. It was The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule which inspired my gardening creativity this time. Showing the idea to the family was met with a positive response, so the page was marked and put aside until we were at home and able to put the glass jar to use.

The past weekend saw us all treck off to the garden centre armed with the book in question and a list of materials we needed. The littler people were on a mission and worked hard at keeping us bigger people remain 'on task'. We were prone to be a little distracted as we saw this, that and the other which wasn't on our list. Our purchases made, we returned home just in time before the summer (well really spring) storm arrived in full. So the project was put on hold till another time when the weather was kinder.

Yesterday afternoon the time was right, the weather was right and everyone was present and ready to get some hands dirty (or in the case of one little person, watch while munching on an apple).

We now have a garden sitting on our kitchen bench instead of an empty jar and will enjoy the process of watching it's own little ecosystem.


  1. Oh that is wonderful fun and learning together for the children.
    My heart skips a beat with love and joy when I see these most beautiful people doing what they love together. Hugs from Ma

  2. That's fantastic! I must remember to be more creative with the left over bits and pieces in our house too. Thanks for the inspiration!!