Monday, November 7, 2011

Make a Paper Parachute

How to make a parachute:
You will need:
A small piece of cardboard or construction paper
1 piece of paper towel
4 pieces of string approx. 30 cm long
Blue tack
What to do:
1. Draw a man on cardboard or construction paper and cut out.
2. Tape a piece of string onto each corner of the paper towel.
3. Bring all four pieces of string together and tape to the cardboard man.
4. Add a bit of Blue tack to the man, if needed to give extra weight.
5. Drop from a high place and discuss the many science principles at work here.


  1. Hi Corinna
    Love your super positive attitude to life.
    You obviously have an extraordinary husband and equally four extraordinary children.
    Super mum, super wife. What else can I say.
    Great effort here.

  2. Looks easy and tons of fun! I bet climbing to the top of our little playground would give the parachute even more distance to fly. This would also be a great vision activity for tracking up and down with my 5 year old! Thanks for sharing!(stopping by from Afterschool Blog Hop!)