Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Live Intentionally

Live Intentionally. These two words have unassumingly woven themselves into the fabric which is my life. I haven't sought them out or until now, even consciously realized how tightly woven into my very being they have become. They are words I find myself being drawn towards in moments of confusion, procrastination and uncertainty. They seem to show their true beauty in thoughtful, reflective, soul-nourishing moments.

The concept these two simple words encompasses has been thrown into the very forefront of my consciousness and like a deep, repetitive drum beat it reaches right into the very depths of my being. It is as if I have been forced to bring it to the surface of my mind to dwell upon and clarify my thoughts about this whole idea before allowing it to rest once again, woven throughout the background colours of my life's fabric.

Everywhere I turn at the moment brings these two words into my heart. I glance through some journal entries I've made over the past 4 years and find it reaching out to grasp my attention on at least six occasions. When writing a new entry into that very same journal over the weekend I discover these same words written no less than twice in the same amount of pages. I was having a discussion with my husband over a few very mundane issues and yet again this theme crops up. It is reaching out to me even as I chat with some friends about Christmas traditions while watching our children play.

A greater sense of everyday, practical clarity has moulded into my thoughts while reflecting on this discussion about Christmas traditions and what each family does or doesn't do. How much should we 'go with the flow' as we live in our culture and how much should we 'close off' from the common cultural norms surrounding the season as we celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas time. Most people who were taking part in this particular conversation had very similar views on the matter so it wasn't the most dramatic of discussions I've been privy to. But, it has remained in the forefront of my mind for these past days and I haven't been able to shake the underlying theme. Which was (if you can't guess) Live Intentionally.

Oh, those words were probably not even spoken on that occasion and the other ladies will probably shake their head at wonder as they read this. This wasn't really what we were talking about on the surface level but I sensed it was really what we were meaning with our words, in the deeper levels of our lives. If we didn't have the desire to 'Live Intentionally' in our lives would we even be discussing what are appropriate, good, right and fun Christmas traditions make part of our families? Without this desire to live intentionally, would we just go with what our culture tells us to do? The very fact we were having that discussion indicates our desire to live intentionally in our lives. Ah, how that brings some small portion of rest to my mind as I know I am reaching out to grasp this ideal with others joining me on the journey.

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  1. I love when God makes it very clear what He is teaching us! And this is such a beautiful lesson that will overflow in blessings in your life!

    And I love your header! How fun!
    So glad you linked up!

  2. Ok, I love discovering new blogs, not just new to me blogs, but new blogs, especially blogs whose writers have great voices. Oh yeah, that's you.

    Beautiful post.