Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Busyness

I caught myself this morning, sitting in a crowded place, drinking coffee, feeding a baby, remembering what I had to buy here, planning the menu for the weekend when I realised that there was free internet here as well. So out came my i-pod and I logged in to look up a web page. I was multi-tasking to the extreme when I heard a noise in the midst of all this. It was just my children talking to each other. Hearing their conversation was enough to drag me back to the present and look at my actions objectively.

I began to think about space and especially mental space. It seems so easy to get caught up in the busyness of the city. Words are floating around waiting to land in someones thoughts, noises crowd out any restfulness, to-do lists seem to appear out of nowhere all claiming to be the most urgent. Whereas watching the waves rhythmic pounding of the shore or listening to the bird songs filling the silence of the rainforest or drinking in a view which reaches to the horizon, those times seem like honey to my soul. When I'm surrounded by God's glorious handiwork it's much easier to rest my mind and replentish my soul.

But here I was multi-tasking magnificently when I stopped it all. Well, I did keep feeding the baby and sipping my coffee, but I brought my mind to where I was and who I was with and away went the electronic device - why do I need interenet everywhere anyway? I remembered these words I wrote a week or so ago. My children and I chatted for a few minutes about this, that and the other and we all walked away with a restfulness which wasn't present moments earlier. Once again I am reminded to live here and now, walk slower as I notice and enjoy this life I am priviledged to live.

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