Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homeschool Happenings

{ This Week }

Tuesday rolled around just like any other day but as the morning tasks and music practices were being completed lots of whispered conversations were taking place. Finally when all the normal morning 'jobs' were finished the three children launched into a frenzy of creative activity. I watched this going on and as they were cutting and gluing and choosing colours, I casually asked what the big occasion was? After all it was the time we would normally be doing math and reading activities.
With uncertainty in their eyes, further whispered discussions ensued. Finally, I was informed that it was a very big secret but I could be told. I felt rather privileged and prompted them further on what this secret actually was. . . . 'Lean down so I can whisper,' were the instructions.  In a barely audible voice my little butterfly informed me that, 'It is Charlotte's (the doll) birthday today.' Oh, I understood just how important these occasions are. Leaving them to their preparations I just pottered about in the kitchen and laundry keeping an eye on proceedings. I was rather impressed with the amount of creativity, fun, laughter and learning which happening in the following hour or so.
My butterfly loves paper almost as much as me, I think, and she spent ever so long making a pretty paper chain for the decorations. Cutting each piece separately and working out what colour comes next to keep the same pattern. Then making sure she didn't cut the pieces too big so she had the same amount of links in each colour. It was a really great math activity (but don't tell her that, she thinks it was all for fun!!)

The boys were found searching through the pages of some old craft books. Oh, the simplicity of crafts found in these black and white books from 30 years ago. It was a hard decision but the party game was decided upon. "Drop the parachute." I don't think any rules were invented but that didn't matter because is was so much fun making the parachute.

And testing the parachute.

And testing the second parachute.

And getting to stand on the kitchen bench all the while. WOW!
Finally the party was planned and organized and the guests all dressed for the occasion, a princess, a farmer and a 'boy'. Then the interest was focused in other areas and our little Charlotte dolly never actually got her party. But I'm sure she enjoyed all the preparations as much as the children.

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