Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Celebrating a Birthday

It comes around as regularly as clockwork, exactly 365 (and a quarter) days after the last, the one special day of the year we dedicate to celebrating this special person in our family.

Our little Butterfly turned 6 today and as I sat by her bed tonight, watching her peaceful but exhausted, sleeping body move ever so slightly with each breath, I reflected...

She is:
  • our only daughter
  • the one who lives everyday with a beautiful, contagious smile on her face
  • the one who brings joy, laughter, beauty, pink and all things 'girly' into our family
  • a helper and playmate to her brothers
  • always by my side ready to help with cooking, washing or any other task
  • learning the skills of sewing alongside me
  • a delight to sit and stitch and giggle with over a cup of tea
  • always ready to read to me and getting better each and every day
  • anxious to start a proper handwriting book in Grade 1 next year
  • by my side feeding, changing and looking after her 'baby' as I look after mine
  • ready at any time for a game of princess snap/memory or uno
  • the one who will call me back in to her room for yet another kiss and cuddle every night
  • wanting to be a ballerina and 'Mummy who stays home to look after her children' when she grows up
  • needing to be challenged with books to read and activities to do - nothing babyish or boring for her!
  • my super, special 6 year old princess
I love you, my Holly Girl.

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